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March 16 – The Day Has Passed

Today was a rough day to write. Sleep wasn’t the best last night. I had to take my wife to a couple of doctor’s appointments. I had to pick my daughter up from the airport. It was hard to get a good block of time to write, and I let myself get distracted. This is how I hold myself accountable.

My Devotional post was 464 Words. The title was “March 16 – What Does the Evidence Show?

I spent a lot of time setting this site up.

My writing for a 400 word a day challenge was only 429 words. This is back story for a short story that I’m supposed to be editing. Today, I didn’t get any done. I’ll eventually post this story and hope the other story will get published in an anthology.

My goals for tomorrow: 1) Write the devotional; 2) Write 4-500 words on the back story; 3) Get 1000 to 1500 words done on the editing/revision/rewriting; 4) Work on getting Mail Chimp set up here for a mailing list on this blog. Come follow me in this journey!

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