Daily Work

April 11 – Burning Up the Day

The devotional today was almost 500 words. Then, I took care of trash. Showered and headed to my old school for day two of testing. I noted yesterday that we feed those kids who are testing in their rooms. We met and discussed the plan in the parent room and were just about to head to the cafeteria to pick up lunches when the fire alarm went off. This obviously wasn’t a drill – not during state testing. I wondered if a student who might have been struggling with part of the test had seen to it that he got an extra long break. Turns out some wiring in an AC unit above the cafeteria was sending out smoke. Kids left the cafeteria and the alarm went off. While we were waiting outside, 7 fire trucks and 2 ambulances showed up. Some, were waiting just in case they were needed, but it was heartwarming to see the Fire Department respond to a possible school fire like that.

Everything got pushed back a half an hour. Students who had to leave their lunches on the table got served another plate. We fed the 8th graders with no hitch, and it was home to do laundry. We’re having problems with our appliances, so it was off to the laundromat. Things went well, it just took a lot of time. Then it was time to go home and get ready for church. After church, I needed to pick a couple of things from the grocery store, and then finally got a chance to relax before I started my challenge. I only edited 3 days worth of devotionals for my book.

Today’s 488 Word Devotional – April 11 – With Him or Against Him: The Choice is Yours

Today’s reading – a couple of chapters of The Venom Protocols

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