Daily Work

April 17 – Gettin’ it Done

After writing my devotional today, a process interrupted by a discussion re problems with email and waiting forever to deal with my webhost, I began working on my book. The book is just about ready to go to the publisher. (Self pub, but going through the process). I still need some front matter to include in the book and a fix on the cover. I had to strategize with my wife on the cover issue. I left to teach a chess lesson and then came home to get ready for a night of international cuisine with my wife. The college where she works has an amazing restaurant management program and tonight they served Asian food. It was great! Then, home to relax and deal with small things, not major things. Got news about a friend coming down to visit. I’m excited about that, too.

Today’s devotional (588 Words) – April 17 – Humble Pie is on the Menu

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