Daily Work

April 25 – I Didn’t Do No Writing Today

Yes, I know that’s bad grammar. Yes, I know that makes me a bad, bad writer – under normal circumstances. I had the chance to participate in a career fair held at a YES prep school in Houston. It was 9 hours on the road for 2 hours of talking with kids and it was worth it! I represented as a Retired Teacher/Author. I had many kids ask about teaching, many about writing. A lot talked wistfully about writing “someday” because they don’t have time now. After a few minutes discussion, they began to realize they could do 400 words a day and their eyes lit up.

I did get my devotional written before I left, so there’s that. I’m too tired to upload the devotional book to Amazon, but that’s happening tomorrow. God is good!

Today’s devotional – April 25 – We Use God’s Blessings to Bless Others

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