Daily Work

May 10 – Slogging Along

Today was Taco Thursday. I know. I know. But Thursday is our breakfast taco day because the ones we like are on special on Thursday! I got them earlier than normal because my wife had to go into work earlier than normal. That doesn’t mean that I got my devotional finished earlier than normal, though. I didn’t finish until about 10:00 and then it was time to get ready to go to tutoring. It was my last day and I wanted to give the kids something. I picked up pencils, then discovered I didn’t have enough. So, after I finished, I had to get a few more and take them back to the kids. The teachers at this school are amazing and gracious  They gave me a very generous gift card for a meal out with my wife. Kindergartners are much different from middle schoolers, and I really enjoy working with them.

Then, we had difficulty making dinner plans, long story, so we ran a couple of errands with dinner in between. Then, I had time to write. I got my writing challenge done, then played some Splatoon. Don’t judge me, I needed the break.

Today’s Devotional (about 400 words) – May 10 – After 2000 Years, Still The Best Way To Make Disciples

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