Daily Work

Paying Homage to Corona

As we continue various stages of stay at home/lockdown/quarantine humor/coping mechanisms abounded. Two poems came out of some of the humor, although the second one may not really be that funny. The first poem “With Apologies to Paul Simon” will have more meaning if you know the song “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.” While you might smile a bit at the story without knowing that song, this poem will make much more sense if you’ve heard the song.  The second poem “The Name Game” deals with a really bad practice of naming kids after disasters. That being said, the last line leaves me with a measure of hope, as I hope it does for you.

With Apologies to Paul Simon

I called Jules
He was bored too
We decided to go to school
Shoot some hoops
Get out of the house
We met on the way
We walked
We talked
He bragged
I rolled my eyes
“If you beat me, Julio,”
He hated it
When I used his
Real name
“It will be the first time.”
We laughed
Then we saw her
Shooting hoops
All alone
“Come join me,”
She waved.
“I’m Rosie.
Who are you?”
I hesitated
Then urged Julio
To keep walking.
“It’s against the law,”
I muttered.
“Just keep walking.”
The Name Game
And so it begins
The name game
Cute names for twins
Like Covid and Corona
Names the kids will live with
Live down
Put up with
The sick jokes
The teasing
Perhaps some day
Someone will ask
“That’s an interesting name
Does it mean anything?”

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