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Twelve Years…

I got a note that I had registered with Word Press 12 years ago today. If you know me from this blog, I haven’t been saying much lately. I’ve been dealing with “way too busy” on other projects – including one with a deadline I hope to meet. I’ve been doing that while fighting through writer’s block, sometimes ecstatic to get between 4 and 500 words written in a day. Even the devotionals have been a struggle, although they did show up on my Daily Enduring Truth blog. I did finish the deadline and will be submitting soon. I can get back to my main writing and editing of my devotionals.

This blog will soon be the site where I give reports from trip to Rwanda. They will be password protected while I’m over there, but it’s easy to get on the prayer list to get the daily password. Just go to my prayer list sign up and register. You have a choice of getting things in an email or a link (with password) to the blog post on this site. I will eventually unprotect those posts, but while I’m traveling, I don’t like to give out too much information. Thanks for your friendship and support. God’s blessings on you!

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March 17 – Eking Out Words

I write better in the morning, really I do. I had some issues come up this morning and I didn’t get to finish my devotional til noon. I won’t go into my actions, except to say that I wasn’t procrastinating. All these actions were necessary.

My Morning Devotional, March 17 – The Nature of Evil and the Goodness of God, was 483 Words.

I eked out 474 words in my back story. I did get some help with the first sentences.

Original was: “Randall Stevenson yawned. There may have been a more boring job somewhere in the universe, but he couldn’t imagine what it would be.”

Without filler: “Randall Stevenson yawned. If a more boring job existed in the universe, he couldn’t imagine it. ”

Tomorrow is a church day, and those are always busy for me. I hope I can get more writing done, though.

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March 16 – The Day Has Passed

Today was a rough day to write. Sleep wasn’t the best last night. I had to take my wife to a couple of doctor’s appointments. I had to pick my daughter up from the airport. It was hard to get a good block of time to write, and I let myself get distracted. This is how I hold myself accountable.

My Devotional post was 464 Words. The title was “March 16 – What Does the Evidence Show?

I spent a lot of time setting this site up.

My writing for a 400 word a day challenge was only 429 words. This is back story for a short story that I’m supposed to be editing. Today, I didn’t get any done. I’ll eventually post this story and hope the other story will get published in an anthology.

My goals for tomorrow: 1) Write the devotional; 2) Write 4-500 words on the back story; 3) Get 1000 to 1500 words done on the editing/revision/rewriting; 4) Work on getting Mail Chimp set up here for a mailing list on this blog. Come follow me in this journey!

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Preparing For Rwanda Trip – 2018

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to share with you that this June, Lucy (my wife) and I will be working with a team of educators in Rwanda through Africa New Life Ministries (ANLM) for our second time. Our trip will have three primary purposes.

We will:
1) Provide professional development for the teachers who work in the several ANLM schools,
2) Encourage the hardworking teachers and their amazing students.
3) Visit each sponsored child and family related to our group.

This trip is a very special opportunity for us since God has laid a burden on our hearts for the Rwandan people. Since our first trip God has only deepened our love for this country and its people. We are blessed to call many of these fellow educators and ministry leaders friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. We’re humbled by the opportunity to share, encourage and co-labor with these amazing people.

We’d like you to be part of this exciting ministry and would be grateful of your support. While you may not be traveling with us, we need your prayers. In addition, we would greatly appreciate any financial support you may contribute. The cost for this trip will be around $4,500 per person, and we must be fully funded by May. Please read below to find out how you can donate for our trip through ANLM.

Thank you for your support, especially through prayer. Our specific requests are for:

  • Travel mercies
  • Health
  • God’s use of us as His hands, feet, and heart in Rwanda
  • Faithfulness in sharing the gospel while we’re there


Bob James

Instructions for giving online:
□ Go to
□ Scroll to the bottom and click Mission Team Members.
□ Click the drop down arrow and select Lucy & Bob James and the amount you would like to give.
□ You will then receive an email receipt for your donation.

In addition, if you’d like to get up to date information about our trip each day, you can fill out our sign up form to get a daily link to a blog post or an email that will tell you what we’ve been doing, and what our plans are.

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Why This Site?

Today begins the long range process of making this my “go-to” site for all of my writing and business. I’ll journal here at the end of each day with a quick update on my activities as a writer. I’ll link to other blog posts I’ve made, just so that it’s all gathered together. If I know of special deals on the books of other friends who are authors, they’ll be posted here. When I release a book or have special pricing on my books, I’ll let you know here. My devotionals will still go on the Daily Enduring Truth blog. I’ll share my personal writing and book reviews at Ice Cream Castles in the Air. If you want to know what I’m doing as a writer, though, this is the place to start. Eventually, this will be the site to join my email list…as soon as I can figure out how to get it going.