Daily Work

Meet God in the Morning – Use this Free eBook to help.

A lot of times, people take stock of where they are spiritually at the beginning of the year. They make resolutions to do different things that will help them draw closer to God throughout the year. Have you ever stopped in the middle of the year to evaluate how well you’re doing in meeting that goal? That’s an easy goal to let go of and forget because there are so many distractions. If you made that kind of goal at the beginning of the year and you’ve fallen behind, take heart. Our God gives second and third and fiftieth and one hundredth chances. If you want to begin to work on that again, let me introduce you to my devotional book series. I’d like to offer you a free eBook where you can spend five to ten minutes a day reading and contemplating God’s presence in your life. This site won’t even collect an email address! If you don’t know how to send a book to your Kindle, I can help you do that. Gain a habit that will enrich your every day life.

Daily Work

April 27 – Another Long Trip Day

Today began early with my blood test and then a trip to Houston again – this time for my wife’s 6-month cancer checkup. She got to meet a new Nurse Practitioner, which is always a scary thought. She was happy with the NP and she got a good report. Because if the early start, I didn’t have my devotional written before I left, and I fought fatigue and distractions to finish it by 10:00 PM tonight. While the wife and I had good conversations on the road, no other writing got done. There’s always tomorrow…

Today’s Devotional (426 Words) – April 27 – Learning to Live in Peace