Daily Work

April 14 – A Time to Edit

Yes, that’s a take-off of Grisham’s book A Time To Kill. Editing kills me, so I thought the title was appropriate. After writing my devotional of 525 words, I spent most of the day formatting and editing. I put the May-June Devotional book into the font and sizes that I want for submission and started one last read through, fixing things as I went along. I spent about 5 or 6 hours working on fine-tuning everything. I’ve finished up to May 31. I just have June to check out. I should be able to send to the publisher by Tuesday at the latest.

I started using Grammarly as part of my work. Not on that manuscript, because it’s too much to work on now. But it’s giving me nasty notes when I try shortcuts here. Long day. I’m tired. Still have dishes to do. More tomorrow. I have church tomorrow so I won’t have much writing time. Some things are more important than writing.

Today’s Devotional (525 words): April 14 – Searching For Real Treasure

Reading: continuing on with the Venom Protocols.

Oh, and I came up with a tagline for this blog, thanks to a comment from one of the readers. Thank you Beverly from