Daily Work

April 28 – Book Uploaded. Computer NOT Thrown Across the Room

Yea Me! I got frustrated working on the eBook because I didn’t understand something Microsoft Word does. I tried to get things in the proper order with bookmarks instead of links, not realizing that when I built the table of contents, the bookmarks were there. ::Sigh:: eventually figured it out. Both Paperback and eBook version have been uploaded and are awaiting processing from Amazon. This will be the May-June edition of the Devotional Series. I’m calling it the sunrise edition with the idea that the devotionals are meant to be read early in the morning. My plan originally was to have one series. Then, I thought about other ways to frame things and I might have a noon edition and a moonrise edition in years to come. The eBook is matchbooked, meaning if you buy the paperback, the eBook is free.

I finished up the eBook after attending an Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony. A fine young man earned his Eagle Scout award. I was so happy for and proud of him. He is always willing to serve. Ronnie Boehnke, I salute you! You have earned a great honor. My wife and I walked downtown tonight, one thing the doc at MDA said she should do. I’m glad that she was feeling well enough to do that. Then, we came back and I did my challenge writing.

Today’s devotional (531 Words) – April 28 – About This God and Caesar Thing


Daily Work

April 4 – Finished

I got my devotional finished fairly early today – 514 words. I got some walking in early. Today was cold for April in South Texas…lower 60’s and wind…it’s a wet cold. Then, I mixed editing time and housework and finished the final 6 days worth of the May/June devotional book. I’m going to let it sit a day while I work on some other editing projects, then format it for paperback and eBook status. I got official news that my short story has been accepted for the local author anthology….a very patient editor/publisher. When I finished the editing….I took care of the dog. (Which is our way of saying, I didn’t do anything.) I did begin the process of learning to play Splatoon 2. I am not a gamer….just sayin’. My daughter enjoys laughing at me. Church tonight touched on one of the devotionals I had edited earlier today – different Scripture passage, but the same idea. Overall, it’s been a good day.

Today’s devotional: April 4 – Understanding Begins With God

Fiction reading today: Someday I’ll be Redeemed: Chronicles of Lorrek by Kelly Blanchard. Fantasy is not my preferred genre, but I’m enjoying this book.