Daily Work

April 13 – A Time for Prayer

The events of tonight, the bombing of Syria, have put a lot of people on edge. This may be a one time “don’t use chemical weapons again” type of bombing, or it could be a spark that ignites the powder keg. Russian, China, and Iran are supporting the current Syrian government. France, Great Britain, Israel, and the US are concerned about the current Syrian government. The USA worked diligently to be sure they didn’t bomb Russian positions. Still, an errant bomb, some poorly chosen words, and that place could explode. The interlocking alliances that touched off World War I are in my thoughts now. I mentioned that it was time to pray for World Peace. One of my friends, the mother of one of my former students, pointed out that even more so, it was time to have Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Very true! If you want more information on how to do that, contact me, I’d love to talk about it with you.

On the writing front today, I got my devotional done, about 430 words, and then spent a lot of the day editing. I finished ten days worth of devotionals, bringing the second book in the series close to printing. Not much else happened today.

Today’s Devotional (430 words) – April 13 – Living Genuinely

Reading: Continuing in The Venom Protocols about halfway through. It’s well written with lots of action. From a Christian perspective, the violence level is high and the language is rough. Considering the business of the people involved, that’s not surprising, but I wish we could get away from that kind of usage.