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April 21 – Catching Up With College Friends

No, I didn’t post last night. No, it wasn’t because I was celebrating, nor was I even observing 4/20 at all. A good friend from college and his wife came to town. Last night we stayed at our table after supper talking a long time. a LONG time. We were at a new restaurant in Corpus Christi called Shabu Shabu. This may be the only place I’ve ever been to eat that required instructions on how to eat their food. Patrons actually do the cooking at the table. It was fun. We’d probably have more fun if we knew what we were doing. I got home so tired that I couldn’t write my Challenge words, let alone a post last night, so I took the night off. I worked the food pantry this morning, stopped in at a chess tournament to check on my kids and then went to see my friend at work. He’s an officer of a tugboat company and they were having an open house. He invited my wife and me to go with them. So, we got a chance to tour a tugboat. (In the picture below, I’m not really skippering the tugboat, just sitting in that chair.)

When I got home, I was able to get my challenge writing done. Yesterday I was trying to think about how to deal with some criticism (asked for) on part of the story I’m working on now. I thought I had a great idea for a catch. I thought the criticism I got was because this younger generation, both critics actually, didn’t understand what I was doing. When I sent a video link to my most recent critic (again, I solicited this criticism) she pointed out why my idea didn’t work. I grumbled for about ten minutes because she was right. Then, I began thinking of ways to redo the problem. My cousin’s wife even helped by giving me some info about the area where she lives.

Oh, I did write devotionals for those two days.

Yesterday’s devotional – April 20 – Learning to Rejoice in God’s Forgiveness … For Others

Today’s devotional – April 21 – You Get to Choose Your Reward!

Skipper Bob

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