Daily Work

May 4 – In Retrospect

The Fourth wath not with me. I had everything done early last night and got to bed a little early, and realized this morning that I hadn’t written last night’s post. LOL. Just when you think you’ve got everything done. For my writing challenge, I used the story from my descriptive writing class. My teacher sent back a critique this afternoon. I thought there would be a lot more to work on. I got my devotional done early. My wife only had a half day yesterday, so we spent some time going to the Aquarium in the afternoon. I cooked a later than normal supper and then saw the whole writing community explode. (I’ll post a link to my response later tonight.) The quick and dirty is that some author who has a series of books called “The Cocky…” (don’t know the exact name of the series, got a trademark for the stylistic way “cocky” appeared and for the word appearing in the title of a series. She has since sent out Cease and Desist letters to authors with books that have the word “cocky” in the title. Yep, it’s getting ugly. 😦   (<<< that’s a foreshadow. A copy of my eBook to the first person who gets it.)

Today’s devotional (427 words) – May 4 – “As The Prophecy Foretold…”


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