Daily Work

May 9 – A Little More Relaxed Day

Today was a little more relaxed, even though I was a bit later than I wanted to be with the morning devotional with a little over 400 words. After that, I worked on the homework assignment in my online class. I probably should post some of those, especially if they aren’t part of one of my books. I could have counted that as my challenge writing, but I have a story I’m working on using that challenge, so I worked on that and wrote a good chunk of that story. I didn’t get any editing done, yet, today, but I still might since it’s early still. I do need to step up my game in the editing and the short story writing!

On the business side of things, Barnes and Noble accepted my application to publish there. I’m gaining outlets, now I need to begin the process of getting my work ready for publication!

Today’s devotional (400 words) – May 9 – Grace and Truth Changes Everything

Daily Work

May 4 – In Retrospect

The Fourth wath not with me. I had everything done early last night and got to bed a little early, and realized this morning that I hadn’t written last night’s post. LOL. Just when you think you’ve got everything done. For my writing challenge, I used the story from my descriptive writing class. My teacher sent back a critique this afternoon. I thought there would be a lot more to work on. I got my devotional done early. My wife only had a half day yesterday, so we spent some time going to the Aquarium in the afternoon. I cooked a later than normal supper and then saw the whole writing community explode. (I’ll post a link to my response later tonight.) The quick and dirty is that some author who has a series of books called “The Cocky…” (don’t know the exact name of the series, got a trademark for the stylistic way “cocky” appeared and for the word appearing in the title of a series. She has since sent out Cease and Desist letters to authors with books that have the word “cocky” in the title. Yep, it’s getting ugly. 😦   (<<< that’s a foreshadow. A copy of my eBook to the first person who gets it.)

Today’s devotional (427 words) – May 4 – “As The Prophecy Foretold…”