Daily Work

March 30 – Moving Ahead of the Game

I began the day with my devotional – 517 words. It took me awhile to get it written. Then, I took some time to visit a bunch of your blogs in between times of taking care of our dog. When my wife came home from work, we ran some errands and spent some time together. After we got back home, I began editing hoping to get 4 days worth of devotionals done. I got a couple of days done, then took care of supper. I keep trying new things. Some work, some don’t. Tonight I made kabobs that were fair. We may try them again. Then, the Cubs came on and I edited during the breaks between innings. It turned out to be a 17 inning game and I ended the day with 6 days of devotionals edited. Tomorrow, I should begin editing the June devotionals. I hope to have them finished by April 8.

Starting Monday, I’ll include information about what I’m reading as well.

Today’s devotional – 517 words: March 30 – Grace In The Shadow Of The Cross

How are things going for you?

Daily Work

March 23 – Making Progress

I’m making progress. I did my morning devotional, although I was running a bit late, and then got my challenge writing done. Instead of working on the short story that had given me writer’s block, I worked on a different one for a local anthology and edited a little over half today. I should finish tomorrow, although tomorrow will be a busy day. Deadline to submit that work is March 31. Considering how my penchant in the past was to procrastinate, the fact that I’m almost done is amazing.

Today’s Devotional was 470 words: March 23 – Give In to Temptation or Trust and Obey?

The challenge writing was 467 words and I’m never sure how to count editing.