Daily Work

May 1 – So Long, Doc!

Today began with an appointment with my hematologist. I had to see her for some issues. For some reason, hematology and oncology are related, and when they called to remind me about my appointment the other day, they started off with “This is the cancer center calling.” I almost hung up on them! I thought they were asking for donations based on my wife’s battles with cancer. The end of that story is that I had an early morning appointment and ended up seeing the doctor twice. We met at the elevator and rode up to the second floor together, and then I saw here in the examining room. To make a long story short, I don’t need to go back! Yea! Then, I came home and worked on my devotional which got put out a little later than usual. After that, I gave a chess lesson to a fourth grader who is getting harder to teach. He figures out what to do before I teach him the technique! He’s a great, respectful kid. I came home and fixed supper for my daughter to take to my wife. I had reasons for not taking my daughter to class, but I wish in retrospect that I had taken her. Then, I finally did my challenge writing after procrastinating. I need to finish the story by about May 15-20 so I can submit it in time.

Daily Devotional (440 words) – May 1 – Eventually, One of Them Has to be Right, Right?

Daily Work

April 30 – It Was Monday, All Right

Mondays – when everything takes twice as long and you work three times as hard to get work done that you are 50% less satisfied with. Got my devotional and challenge writing done earlier than normal, but it was like pulling teeth today. Then had to run errands and on my last one, realized that I had just enough time to finish, get home and change, and then get to chess clubs. Did those and came home to an empty house. That problem I mentioned that my wife had at work, solved by making her work harder. But, there are other benefits, so she’s satisfied with the arrangements. I began editing the book I should have done two months ago but had glitches. I should get caught up and work on July August soon as well as my Time Travel story this month. June is gonna be crazy!

Today’s Devotional (575 Words) – April 30 – Giving: Attitude Beats Amount

Daily Work

March 23 – Making Progress

I’m making progress. I did my morning devotional, although I was running a bit late, and then got my challenge writing done. Instead of working on the short story that had given me writer’s block, I worked on a different one for a local anthology and edited a little over half today. I should finish tomorrow, although tomorrow will be a busy day. Deadline to submit that work is March 31. Considering how my penchant in the past was to procrastinate, the fact that I’m almost done is amazing.

Today’s Devotional was 470 words: March 23 – Give In to Temptation or Trust and Obey?

The challenge writing was 467 words and I’m never sure how to count editing.

Daily Work, Request, Rwanda Trip

March 21 – Re-imagining and Writer’s Block

Timing worked better this morning. I got the devotional and the challenge writing done early today. Then, I went to my short story where I’m dealing with notes from an editor that are causing me to make some changes and I stared at where I left off. Then, I did something else. Then I went back, and I did something else. Finally, I wrote about 350 words…and every one of them was a struggle.

Devotional: 415 Words –  March 21 – Out With the Old, In With the New

Challenge Writing / Back Story – 556 words

Main Short Story – 350 words.

I need to keep on writing…..

I did get a nice offer to help us with our trip to Rwanda. Driftwood Coffee will be helping us out of the proceeds from their web based sales from April and May.  Fine coffee, beautiful mugs, and cool T-shirts. Check them out!

Daily Work

March 20 – Spring Fever

I think Spring Fever is the only way to excuse yesterday. I took a long time writing my devotional. My challenge writing (400 words per day) wasn’t finished til the afternoon. I forgot to work on supper that I was supposed to put in the crockpot. I ended up with zero words on my short story. I got distracted by someone talking about a move made in the Candidates Tournament for the World Chess Championship and followed that instead of working. Then, I put everything aside and didn’t even write this last night.

Word count: Devotional: 414 Words. March 20 – God’s Ways Compared To Our Ways

Back Story Word Count for the challenge: 444 Words – and I discovered I hadn’t sent those words in yet. ::sigh::

Yesterday, I did the kind of work that would have deserved a reprimand from my employer…and since my employer is me, I’ve given myself a severe reprimand and a warning that I could have been fired. Fortunately, my employer decided not to fire me this time. I’d better work hard the next few days.