Daily Work

March 22 – Kindergartners, Dogs, and Cooking

I got off to a good start today. I got breakfast taken care of. I wrote my devotional. I got the 400+ words for my challenge done. Then, I needed to go and tutor. I tutor Kindergartners at a local school. I think we all need to give back to our community, and I do that by teaching kids chess and tutoring kindergartners – among other things. Then I shopped for meals through Saturday night. When I got home and ready to write, my daughter’s dog decided I needed canine companionship, so she slept against my legs most of the rest of the afternoon. For some reason, that makes it difficult for me to write and I didn’t go forward any more on my main short story. I was reminded that there’s another anthology for local writers that I’m trying to submit to, and the deadline is SOON! so tomorrow I need to edit that story after I get everything else done. When my wife returned home after a board meeting, I had to cook. We’re trying to eat healthier – which means a lot more work. If it helps us feel better and healthier, it’s worth it!

Daily Devotional: 393 words. March 22 – In The Presence of the Lord

Challenge writing – 429 words

Daily Work

March 20 – Spring Fever

I think Spring Fever is the only way to excuse yesterday. I took a long time writing my devotional. My challenge writing (400 words per day) wasn’t finished til the afternoon. I forgot to work on supper that I was supposed to put in the crockpot. I ended up with zero words on my short story. I got distracted by someone talking about a move made in the Candidates Tournament for the World Chess Championship and followed that instead of working. Then, I put everything aside and didn’t even write this last night.

Word count: Devotional: 414 Words. March 20 – God’s Ways Compared To Our Ways

Back Story Word Count for the challenge: 444 Words – and I discovered I hadn’t sent those words in yet. ::sigh::

Yesterday, I did the kind of work that would have deserved a reprimand from my employer…and since my employer is me, I’ve given myself a severe reprimand and a warning that I could have been fired. Fortunately, my employer decided not to fire me this time. I’d better work hard the next few days.