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Today’s Class: Poetry

The Writer’s Studio in Corpus Christi has a class every fourth Saturday. I’ve got to be honest with you – I went to today’s class more out of a sense of obligation to support this great venture than any real interest in poetry. I mean, it’s just not my thing. The class began a bit slowly, but then, the teacher’s passion came out and she said a few things and had some writing exercises that made me pay more attention. Perhaps the most interesting thing was that poetry isn’t about ideas – it’s about words or feelings. I ended up writing three poems during the writing time. The first was dark. The second was light-hearted, and the third was just for fun based on something someone at our table said. The first one came from the teacher’s writing prompt, the second one came from the teacher talking about using color and word play, and I already told you about the third one. So, here are the (untitled) poems.

Here again

Too often these days


By Black suits, white shirts, black ties.


An autograph

Never read

The ticket to enter

and find a seat


To remember, reflect, revere;

To recall what

was never there.

A good life, he said,

A fine life.


I wondered – right place?


I see her – must be right.


Walking by with a tear

and a hug,

promising support

Then forgetting

until the next time.



It’s not where

I said,

It’s that

— but Cozumel —


Burdens, worries, cares,

not packed

left behind.


Surrounded by blue,

and sun,

and more blue

but not blues.


Food, rest, fun, relax


— but Cozumel —

Sparkling, shopping, sunburn,



Too soon — back home

Problems return

They could overwhelm

— but Cozumel —


All I want is a beer, man

(And I don’t even drink anymore)


Dark memories of the past

rolled though my mind

And I remember why I stopped


All I want is a beer, man.


Daily Work

April 12 – Limit Reached

Some days, I reach my limit and just have to go to bed. Yesterday was one of those days. I got my devotional written and took some needed me time, walking along the bayfront. There’s something about water that’s calming. I got home in time to make a grocery list and go shopping. I began editing, but needed to stop to cook dinner when my wife let me know she was coming home after a terrible day. (Very busy day, then some issues) Then I tried to catch up on my editing. I need to work on one thing for the May/June edition while I keep on editing the March/April edition for my devotional books. In case you’re new to this blog, I had tech difficulties that kept me from getting the March/April book out on time. All this to say that by the time I finished my editing, I was too tired to even look at the computer without my eyes tearing up from tiredness…so I waited until this morning (April 13) to write the post.

Devotional (491 Words) – April 12 – Is Jesus Calling You Out?

Daily Work

March 29 – A Long Day, And Do I Owe People!

I finished my devotional a little later than I should have today and had to leave almost immediately to go to tutoring. This being the first day of baseball season, I wore my Cubs jersey. Living in Corpus Christi, the location of the Astros AA team the Hooks, I’ve become an Astros fan in the American league, but my first love is still the Cubs. After tutoring, I got money from the bank for the first half of April since we didn’t know when they would close. Then I went grocery shopping. It took me an extra 30 minutes because people wanted to talk about the Cubs. One of the workers pulled out her phone to show pictures she’d taken at Wrigley Field a few years ago. Then, I began some editing while watching a replay of the game. That evolved into cooking supper when my wife came home, and then more editing to get my quota for the day.

I owe people because a lot of you have stopped by and I haven’t returned the favor. I’m planning on doing that tomorrow. I do appreciate you stopping by.

This morning’s devotional – 501 words: March 29 – Fishing on the Other Side of the Boat

I only edited 4 days of devotionals today due to the busy-ness of the day. I’m up to May 23. I would like to finish May before the end of the month and get June done the first week of April.

Daily Work

March 22 – Kindergartners, Dogs, and Cooking

I got off to a good start today. I got breakfast taken care of. I wrote my devotional. I got the 400+ words for my challenge done. Then, I needed to go and tutor. I tutor Kindergartners at a local school. I think we all need to give back to our community, and I do that by teaching kids chess and tutoring kindergartners – among other things. Then I shopped for meals through Saturday night. When I got home and ready to write, my daughter’s dog decided I needed canine companionship, so she slept against my legs most of the rest of the afternoon. For some reason, that makes it difficult for me to write and I didn’t go forward any more on my main short story. I was reminded that there’s another anthology for local writers that I’m trying to submit to, and the deadline is SOON! so tomorrow I need to edit that story after I get everything else done. When my wife returned home after a board meeting, I had to cook. We’re trying to eat healthier – which means a lot more work. If it helps us feel better and healthier, it’s worth it!

Daily Devotional: 393 words. March 22 – In The Presence of the Lord

Challenge writing – 429 words