Daily Work

April 10 – Yes, I’ll Wear Pink

Today began, as usual, with the devotional. It ran longer today – about 603 words. Then I got ready to go to the school I retired from and volunteer. Today was the beginning of State Testing and I go there to help serve lunches. They feed the kids in the classroom on testing days to cut down on opportunities to converse – because conversations at lunch might naturally gravitate towards the test. They had a shirt for the volunteers. A Pink shirt. They asked me if I’d wear pink. Pink is used for breast cancer awareness. I have no problem wearing pink! Teachers have a difficult time during testing. They can’t help, they can’t give hints, they have to walk around and monitor. It may sound easy, but it ain’t. If you know any teachers, give them some extra love during state testing time. After testing, I got ready for a chess lesson…but we had a bit of miscommunication and I wasn’t needed to teach today. This student is sharp! He discovers things on his own, he remembers the concepts I teach. He’s probably close to the point where he’s beyond my ability as a teacher. I should have used the extra time to write, but I decided to play instead.

When my wife got home, I cooked supper and THEN did my editing. I need to work on the May June Devotional book and get the final formatting done for that one.

I haven’t mentioned this in a while, but Driftwood Coffee Company is trying to help us get to Rwanda. They’re dedicating profits from web sales this month to help us go on a teacher training trip working with Africa New Life Ministries. If you buy from them, you can help us. If you want to make a tax-deductible donation, then you can go to The Africa New Life donation site and click on Mission Team Members. Scroll down and look for Lucy and Bob James. This organization does an amazing work in Rwanda.

Today’s Devotional – 603 Words – April 10 – Be a Neighbor…But Wait! There’s More!

Today’s Reading: Began looking at The Venom Protocols.

Daily Work

March 22 – Kindergartners, Dogs, and Cooking

I got off to a good start today. I got breakfast taken care of. I wrote my devotional. I got the 400+ words for my challenge done. Then, I needed to go and tutor. I tutor Kindergartners at a local school. I think we all need to give back to our community, and I do that by teaching kids chess and tutoring kindergartners – among other things. Then I shopped for meals through Saturday night. When I got home and ready to write, my daughter’s dog decided I needed canine companionship, so she slept against my legs most of the rest of the afternoon. For some reason, that makes it difficult for me to write and I didn’t go forward any more on my main short story. I was reminded that there’s another anthology for local writers that I’m trying to submit to, and the deadline is SOON! so tomorrow I need to edit that story after I get everything else done. When my wife returned home after a board meeting, I had to cook. We’re trying to eat healthier – which means a lot more work. If it helps us feel better and healthier, it’s worth it!

Daily Devotional: 393 words. March 22 – In The Presence of the Lord

Challenge writing – 429 words