Daily Work

March 25 – Palm Sunday – A Full Day

I got to church at 7:45 AM to set up the program for the screens. I worked our 8:30 and 11:00 worship service and attended Sunday School at 9:45. After the 1100 worship service, my daughter demanded grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, so I had to stop at the store and buy something. By the time I’d finished making lunch, it was almost 1:00. I finally finished my devotionals and had a few minutes before leaving for the nursing home where I do a Bible Study at 2:00. Got home for a little rest before leaving for church for an evening fellowship. I didn’t stay the whole time, so I got home at 7:00…worn out. I took the day off from writing, except for the devotional.

Oh, and my wife left for a conference today, so no amazing wife around here for the next couple of days. I miss her already.

Today’s devotional – 422 Words: March 25 – Where Do I Go? Who Do I Turn To?

Maybe I’ll get my act together tomorrow…..

Daily Work

March 24 – Almost Like a Day Off

The writing challenge I’m involved in is to write a certain number of words 5/7 days per week. I’ve written 6 days this week, so I took that writing off. I did get my devotional done, late, after sleeping in. The devotional was 422 words. I also finished editing the short story for the local author anthology. My  local writers group had helped me look at the first draft. I hope I addressed their concerns. I got the idea one morning and wrote the first draft pretty quickly.

Morning Devotional of 422 words: March 24 – Seeing Needs Around Us

Tomorrow will be a busy day: church, nursing home Bible Study, then evening church.