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April 24 – It May Be Bad Writing, but At Least It’s Writing

After writing my devotional this morning, I began working on the assignment in my descriptive writing course. I took this course to stretch my writing ability and work on my description. Up until this course, people would comment on my writing and ask me questions about what the person was wearing or what the room looked like. My response was always something like, “I don’t care. What do you WANT it to look like?” I wanted to get to the action. Only, people keep telling me that doesn’t work. So I’m trying to learn. This week’s assignment definitely stretches my comfort zone. And it was obvious from my work. If my teacher sees this title after reading my work, she’ll probably correct me and tell me that instead of “Bad” I should use “Horrible.” But I turned in my assignment. I hope that my teacher doesn’t decide to quit teaching after reading it. Maybe this meme will come to her mind:

If you can think of any other use of this meme, feel free to think it, take it, or use it.

Daily Devotional (553 Words) – April 24 – When You Follow the Checklist and it Ain’t Enough

Reading Today – NF – God Dreams

Daily Work

April 16 – Working Overtime

Ok, I didn’t REALLY work overtime. It was nice to have time that I could focus on my editing. I wrote my devotional this morning – 494 Words and then went to work on a course I’m taking in descriptive writing from Kelly Blanchard-Dale. Even old folks like me can learn from young folks like her. This week’s focus is on active voice, as opposed to passive voice. The writing sample I looked at made me realize that I use the passive voice more than I thought. I did a little bit of housework after that and then went back to editing the devotional book. I got 15 days worth done. I hope to finish June tomorrow and begin the final process of sending it to the publisher. I had chess clubs today and then cooked dinner in the middle of the editing times.

Today’s devotional – April 16 – Forward the Light Brigade