Daily Work

April 9 – Staying Focused

I think the title is more admonition than testimony. After the devotional, I had a hard time staying focused. I wrote the rest of the devotional I’d skipped that day, that year. I only needed 200 words, but it took a lot longer. I spent a lot of time networking and sharing information with other authors. There are a lot of new books that have just come out or will be coming out soon. Then I began editing, but was very restless as I tried to work. I took a power nap. I couldn’t stay focused. I went to chess clubs and worked with them, then stopped at the grocery store before heading home. I had to pick up some medicine for my daughter. She had ordered it last night with a delivery time around 2. I got there around 6, and it wasn’t ready. 30 minute wait because….well…because. Then tonight, I kept trying to stay awake to write….finally gave up after four days of edited material.

Today’s devotional (460 Words) – April 9 – You Can Be An Answer to Prayer

Daily Work

March 19 – A Productive Day

Finally! I had a day when my schedule worked out! My wife drove herself to work so I could stay at home and write. I still have issues staying focused, but it’s a lot easier to write when I can stay in the same area. What I didn’t do was any walking, so I need to do a better job of taking care of my physical health.

My morning devotional was short, only 359 words, but I included a Youtube link for the song Resurrecting. Check out March 19 – God: The Ultimate Grave Robber to see the video and read about the Resurrection of Jesus.

I got 471 words done for my challenge/back story – continuing the fun.

Then, I got back to the main short story I’m working on and got 1070 words done on that. Almost 2K words for the day. If I can keep my focus, I can do even more.