March 26 – A New Focus

I woke up this morning and realized I didn’t write this post last night like I planned. I have administered appropriate punishment. I wrote my devotional yesterday, I think I even wrote on the short story I’d been doing for my challenge writing. As I looked at the rules for the challenge, though, they had ways to count editing. I really need to do a bunch of editing! I’m putting my devotionals into book form and I need to make sure that I’ve minimized the number of mistakes. (hint: there will always be mistakes. I shudder when I find mine after publishing, but I know they’ll be there.) Anyway, my challenge writing is working on editing. I’m preparing the May/June edition of Daily Enduring Truth. They are not from this year’s devotionals, so if you click on the links in these emails, you get new stuff! I have the January/February edition out in eBook form, but there are mistakes. When I was fixing those, I had a computer crash which put me way behind fixing that and then getting March and April edited – so I’m getting back on track to get the devotionals published.

Devotional – 446 words: March 26 – Respecting Others and Doing Our Job

Challenge Writing: 471 Words

Editing – 2 hours, 6 days worth of material. Challenge words: 800, Actual words edited and approved – around 4200

My focus will be on editing for the next few weeks at least.


March 18 – Sunday Writing

It’s always difficult to find time to write on Sundays. We leave the house by 7:45 AM to go to church. We have duties, usually, in both the 8:30 and the 11:00 worship services. We have Sunday School at 9:45. So we’re there from 7:45 til about 12:15, depending on how long we talk afterwards. I come home, fix lunch, and then I do a Bible Study at a nursing home from 2:00 to 2:30. Today, we had a meeting about security at our church at 4:00 that lasted til about 5:20, then I had to shop and get food for the next few days. I came home, fixed supper, ate, and then got to do my story writing. Today I finished my devotional before church.

Some Christian writers I know take Sunday’s off from writing to get a full day of rest. Sundays are a day of service for me anyway.

So, today’s writing: March 18 – What Does It Take To Believe? 473 words. Then, 481 words on my back story. I had fun using a Mary Poppins reference in a story set in 2035.

Tomorrow – Lucy plans on driving herself to work, so I should be able to spend most of the morning writing. I have chess clubs to work with from 2:30 – 5:30 (driving time included.) We’ll see what else I can get done.