Daily Work

May 4 – In Retrospect

The Fourth wath not with me. I had everything done early last night and got to bed a little early, and realized this morning that I hadn’t written last night’s post. LOL. Just when you think you’ve got everything done. For my writing challenge, I used the story from my descriptive writing class. My teacher sent back a critique this afternoon. I thought there would be a lot more to work on. I got my devotional done early. My wife only had a half day yesterday, so we spent some time going to the Aquarium in the afternoon. I cooked a later than normal supper and then saw the whole writing community explode. (I’ll post a link to my response later tonight.) The quick and dirty is that some author who has a series of books called “The Cocky…” (don’t know the exact name of the series, got a trademark for the stylistic way “cocky” appeared and for the word appearing in the title of a series. She has since sent out Cease and Desist letters to authors with books that have the word “cocky” in the title. Yep, it’s getting ugly. 😦   (<<< that’s a foreshadow. A copy of my eBook to the first person who gets it.)

Today’s devotional (427 words) – May 4 – “As The Prophecy Foretold…”


Daily Work

May 3 – All Kinds of Stuff Happening

Yesterday it seemed like things just drifted along. It was one of those days that nothing was happening nor getting done. Today, it seemed like a lot was happening! After writing my devotional (445 words)  I got ready for my tutoring gig. Then, a long time in the middle of the day doing the actual tutoring. When I got home afterward, Lori Twichell posted a link to Beth Moore’s blog. After reading that, I felt compelled to write a response. It was my mea culpa. Then, since my wife has some extra duties right now, it was time to take daughter to school and bring supper to both of them. When I got home, I started working on my homework. That I should have done Monday. It’s been a crazy week. Then shopping, dishes, and to bed when I finish and post this.

Devotional – May 3 – Praying For Strength Against Temptation

Response to Beth Moore Blog Post – Getting Rid of Knee Jerk Reactions and Condescending Attitudes


Daily Work

May 2 – Of All the Days I’ve Ever Had, This Was One Of Them.

Today just happened. Nothing spectacular went on. I wrote my devotional…took a while because things weren’t clicking. It ended up about 380 words. I took care of trash and recycling. Then I got ready to do laundry. I’ve taken to writing at the laundromat, so I got a little bit of writing done while there. Then, it was home for lunch, took care of a few other things. Only then did I remember that I needed to shower. Like I said…one of those days. I brought my daughter to class, along with dinner for all of us, then went to church. Made arrangements with my pastor to write the forward to the next volume of devotionals I’ll be publishing. Then came home and finished my writing challenge.

Today’s Devotional (380 Words) – May 2 – Life Wasn’t Meant to be Safe

Daily Work

May 1 – So Long, Doc!

Today began with an appointment with my hematologist. I had to see her for some issues. For some reason, hematology and oncology are related, and when they called to remind me about my appointment the other day, they started off with “This is the cancer center calling.” I almost hung up on them! I thought they were asking for donations based on my wife’s battles with cancer. The end of that story is that I had an early morning appointment and ended up seeing the doctor twice. We met at the elevator and rode up to the second floor together, and then I saw here in the examining room. To make a long story short, I don’t need to go back! Yea! Then, I came home and worked on my devotional which got put out a little later than usual. After that, I gave a chess lesson to a fourth grader who is getting harder to teach. He figures out what to do before I teach him the technique! He’s a great, respectful kid. I came home and fixed supper for my daughter to take to my wife. I had reasons for not taking my daughter to class, but I wish in retrospect that I had taken her. Then, I finally did my challenge writing after procrastinating. I need to finish the story by about May 15-20 so I can submit it in time.

Daily Devotional (440 words) – May 1 – Eventually, One of Them Has to be Right, Right?